Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the training for, am I too old or too young for the drone training?

Skoyts’ training courses are directed towards all adults who are curious about this new drone technology taking off, regardless of profession and background. The courses have different levels and are intended for adults of all ages. Children and adolescents with strong curiosity are welcome to Skoyts drone training. However, children under the age of 17 years need to be accompanied by an adult.

2. Do I need any pre-knowledge to sign up for the training?

Even though Skoyts challenges your technical skills the courses are designed for everybody with the aim of acquiring safe flying skills, being familiar with the regulations, and have professional guidance before flying on your own.

3. How far in advance should the payment for the course be done?

The fee must be paid at least 7 days before the course starts.

4. What do I need to do to fly my drone commercially today?

You need to show abilities for flying safely and comply with regulations, insurance, operation manual and meet the requirements for your organization cf. Forskrift om luftfartøy som ikke har fører om bord. Skoyts’ drone training is designed to give you necessary knowledge and training. The requirements for commercial flying will also depend on your type of business and equipment used.

5. What is the difference between a SKOYTS’ certificate and a license?

The Skoyts certification is NOT a license. Although Skoyts is giving courses, it does not give students the right to fly commercially. The Skoyts certificate can be used for safety purposes, and we strongly advise students to get trained to recognize all the rules and regulations, in addition to understanding equipment-specific software functions.

6. What is the structure of the training course?

The Drone Training is structured as theory, practical and complete module classes with several levels. We also offer intensive classes, beginner and advanced. Skoyts offers evening or day courses, it is entirely up to you whether you prefer to complete all lessons in one week or to have an individual customized option.